Coach Maintenance

In order to maintain our fleet of 30 coaches we have invested in our own in-house workshop facility. We have all the equipment required of a Ministry of Transport testing facility which includes brake test rollers, shaker plates, exhaust gas analyser, heavy duty jacking beam and a headlamp beam setter – all encompassed in a full length inspection pit and a second workshop on site equipped with vehicle lifts.

All our vehicles are inspected on a 4-6 week routine maintenance programme by our team of 4 dedicated technicians and we carry out a similar programme for other local coach operators.

Our drivers are fully trained in ‘driver walk round check’ techniques and are qualified with the Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and NVQ’s. All drivers continentally train with the driver CPC, First Aid Courses and regular updates with current legislations and walk around checks, all carried out in house using an external trainer.

The driver walk round check is an inspection of a pre-determined list of items such as tyres, lights, body work etc to ensure the vehicle is prepared for the journey ahead. This check is carried out at the beginning of every day and we have recently introduced an ‘aisle check’ during the day to ensure the interior of the coach meets the required standards.

Above all else, the safety of our passengers and employees is paramount and always our highest priority.