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Please be at your scheduled bus stops at least 5 minutes before the given departure time.

Termly and Annual passes are available on our WM06 Service
Please enquire for details.  01400 230491

Ancaster,Greylees,Sleaford to Welbourn  WM06  View Timetable

Foston-Long Bennington  3483  View Timetable

Foston-Allington-Grantham  3957  View Timetable

Ingoldsby, Ropsley to Grantham  5177  View Timetable

South Witham to Corby Glen 5302  View Timetable

Claypole to The Priory Belvoir Academy  5598  View Timetable

Hougham, Brandon, Gelston to Grantham  6236  View Timetable

Allington, Long Bennington to Grantham  6256  View Timetable

Ancaster, Caythorpe to Welbourn 6919   View Timetable

Woolsthorpe by Belvoir/Harlaxton to Grantham  6984  View Timetable

Additionally to view and track our fare paying service WM06 you can click on the Bustimes website link