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Terms & Conditions

To ensure the success of your coach hire with A C Williams, please take time to read and accept our Terms and Conditions of hire.


These Terms and Conditions apply to the hirer whether a contract for coach hire has been made verbally, or in writing by the company.

Quotations and Tenders for Coach Hire

Quotations or tenders given out by the company are based on costs prevailing at the time and are based on details and information given by the hirer. All quotations are valid for 28 days from the date of issue or for a specified period. The company reserves the right to apply any fuel levy surcharges that may apply to the hire or period of hire covered by the initial quotation. Advice on journey times and routing is given in good faith but does not guarantee that the completion of any coach hire journey at a specific time.

Confirmation of Your Coach Hire

Written, fax, or email confirmation by the hirer is the only basis of hiring or for a subsequent alteration in its terms.

Reservation and Payment of Your Coach Hire

Any requested deposit must be paid in the time stated, and the balance of payment in full must be made 14 days prior to the start of the hire, unless the company has agreed in writing to a variation of this condition, or the hirer has an authorised credit account facility with the company, which includes specified payment times and credit limits. We accept payment by cheque, credit card, and bank transfer. Payment by credit card may incur an additional surcharge.

In the event of any emergency or force majeure, or of any action by the hirer to vary the agreed conditions, the company may, by returning all monies paid and without further or other liability cancel the contract.

Cancellation of Your Coach Hire

Any cancellation or curtailment of hire should be made in the first instance by verbally contacting the company by telephone, with a further confirmation in writing, fax, or email. The following scale of cancellation charges will apply.

A C Williams Coaches Table of Charges for Hire Cancellation

Period of Written Notice Prior to Departure Percentage of Total Hire
7 Days or More None
Less than 5 days but more than 48 hours 25%
Less than 48hours but more than 24 hours 50%
24 hours or less 100%

The cost of any additional services including accommodation, meals, theatre tickets, and venue admissions which have been purchased by the company at the request of the hirer will be charged accordingly along with any further administration charges incurred by the company.

Cancellation of Your Coach Hire By The Company

In the event of any emergency or force majeure, or action by the hirer to vary the agreed conditions, the company may, by returning all monies paid and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.

Period During Your Coach Hire

During the hiring, the company’s driver unless previously specified will maintain the right to decide the route to be taken, with considerations given to weather, road closures, road accidents, and traffic congestion. The driver is subject to EC 561/2006 driving regulations and these must be strictly adhered to at all times.

The company cannot be held liable for any delays caused by vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion, road closures, weather, or third-party services, along with acts of god, war, civil commotion, and force majeure.

The hirer is responsible for the punctuality of all passengers, and the company is not liable for anyone arriving or returning late, and thereby missing the coach.

The Customer agrees to indemnify and keep the Company fully indemnified from and against any direct and indirect losses, claims, expenses, damages or liability whatsoever incurred or suffered by the Company as a result of the negligence, acts or omissions or default under the Contract by the Customer, or any Passengers, employees, agents or subcontractors.

The Company shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of the Company’s obligations under the Contract if the delay or failure was due to any circumstances or cause beyond the Company’s reasonable control.


The company reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than the specified at no extra charge. The company also reserves the right to substitute other vehicles of similar quality, including those of other operations, for all or part of the hiring.

The hirer may not assume the use of a vehicle between outward and return journeys, or that it will remain at the destination, unless previously agreed in writing with the company.

The maximum seating capacity is displayed inside the vehicle and must not be exceeded at any time. Standing without a seat is strictly forbidden.

Health & Safety

The driver is responsible for the safe carriage of passengers on the vehicle. Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations may be removed or refused entry to the vehicle on the driver’s authority. The hirer will be held responsible for the conduct of passengers and any subsequent damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hiring.


All hirers and individual passengers are recommended to obtain personal travel insurance, save for negligence, the company’s liability is limited. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all items of value are insured separately for loss or damage.


In the unlikely event of a complaint against the company’s services, the nature of the complaint should be sent in writing to the company’s operating centre address within 14 days of the hire. The company will aim to resolve any complaint within 14 days of it being received.


Hirers must obtain prior written consent if they wish to apply any transfers or display any signage, posters, notices, or flags internally or externally on the company’s vehicles.

English Law

Orders are only accepted in that the Law of England shall apply to the contract arising from such an order and to the determination of the rights and liabilities of the respective parties and in that no action or other proceedings shall be brought by either party in relation to such contract except in a Court of competent jurisdiction in England.


Food and Beverages – Other than on a vehicle fitted specifically for dining purposes, food and beverages except for small items of confectionary may not be consumed on the vehicle without prior agreement with the company.

Alcohol – Alcohol may be consumed on the vehicle in moderation at the driver’s discretion. Hirer’s attention is drawn to the sporting events (control of alcohol) regulations act 1985 which forbids the consumption of alcohol whilst travelling to a designated sporting event in England and Wales on a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV).

Drugs – The carriage and/or use of non-prescribed drugs is strictly forbidden whilst travelling on the company’s vehicles.

Carriage of Luggage – The driver will endeavour to accommodate all luggage in the vehicle luggage hold, however due to space and weight limitations the company cannot guarantee that all luggage presented by the party will be carried and/or accommodated on any one journey. Under health and safety guidelines the driver can refuse to lift or handle any piece of luggage that appears to exceed 20kg in weight. The driver is the sole arbiter as to the carriage and handling of passenger’s luggage.

All luggage and personal effects are carried in our vehicles at the owner’s risk. The company will not be responsible or liable for any theft or damage to properties of passengers travelling on the vehicle, except where there is proof of direct action by one of the company’s employees.

Wheelchairs – We can generally accommodate lightweight manual folding wheelchairs, subject to them being capable of being stowed in the luggage hold of the coach. Weight, loading, and carriage restrictions apply to motorised wheelchairs, and the company must be informed of any intended carriage prior to the date of hire.

Lost Property – Items of lost property that have been retrieved and stored may be claimed from the company’s office.

Animals – Animals are generally forbidden to ride on the company’s vehicles, however exemptions apply to registered guide dogs, but the company must be informed prior to the date of hire.